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Justice Faith Ireland

“I have worked with James Donaldson on issues for inner city youth and endorse him for City Council District 7. He will bring a needed diversity perspective to the Council.”

Justice Faith Ireland, Washington State Supreme Court (Ret.)

George Toles

“ Now more than ever Seattle needs its brightest minds, its biggest hearts and its bravest leaders.  That’s a tall order.  James Donaldson more than fills it. He has stood with Seattle in its proudest moments.  He knows how to win. And he knows how to work as a team so that all of us can reach our goals.”

George Toles, Executive Director, His Deal; former PA announcer for the Sonics

Erin Jones

“I endorse James Donaldson for Position 7 based on more than 10 years of knowing him and following his work. James and I have worked on several projects related to education and athletics. I know him to be wise, compassionate and committed to excellence. His experiences locally and abroad have prepared him uniquely to serve the people of Seattle.”

Erin Jones, Education & Systems Consultant, Obama White House Champion of Change, 2013; WA PTA Outstanding Educator, 2015

Mark Edwards

“I have known James for the past 45 years. He is one of the most sincere and honest human beings I have known. His leadership and influence has extended from the NBA to the local community. He is a true ‘winner’.”

Mark Edwards, 46 years  College Basketball Coach: Washington State University (Assistant Coach 9 years) & Washington University, St. Louis (Head Coach 37 years)

Gayle A. Johnson

“We need a leader like James Donaldson. His team building and business skills, and respect for people, is exactly the kind of leader we need on Seattle City Council at this time.”

Gayle A. Johnson, Business Owner, EVOLVE Life Coaching

Stan Coe

“I've known James since he was a student athlete at Washington State University. James is a very self- disciplined individual. If elected he will work very hard to solve the problems that has created the perspective "Seattle is dying" atmosphere that exists today. James has taken the time to go out into the neighborhoods and study the problems first hand.”

 Stan Coe, DVM, Past President of Washington State Veterinary Medical Association; Past President of WSU Alumni Association

Arif Khatib

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a “The most dangerous challenge we have is to do nothing and assume that nothing will change. When we assume that nothing will change, we doom ourselves to that fate. We must carefully select our representative for a seat on the Seattle City Council District 7. James Donaldson is a person who is aware of certain concerns the district has, not just general concerns, but specific concerns. I firmly endorse James Donaldson for Seattle City Council.” 

Arif Khatib, Founder and President Emeritus, Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame

Joe A. Kunzler

"James Donaldson is a good draft pick for Seattle City Council this year.  Donaldson will bring to the Council Chambers experience with basketball, business, and resilience making him as well rounded as a properly inflated NBA regulation basketball.  I am also confident Donaldson will also help his colleagues restore a sense of team in this region in tackling transit and transportation, homelessness, addiction and congestion to restore a sense of community." –

Joe A. Kunzler, Regional Transit Advocate

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